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Does your pharmacy take my insurance?

Yes! We accept all major insurances. Including-- but not limited to-- Express Scripts (PEBA/State Health Plan/BCBS), Molina Healthcare, and Medicaid/Medicare.

How do I get my prescriptions refilled once at your pharmacy?

There are multiple ways to have your prescriptions refilled. The easiest way is to just call us and let us know what you need. We also offer automatic refills, so if you want us to automatically fill your refills when they're due, just ask us to set your profile to Auto Fill.

What if I don't have insurance?

That's okay, you're not alone! Many of our patients do not have insurance, so we aim to make our cash prices as low as possible. We often beat or match GoodRx discount cards. Just give us a call and we can look up a price for you.

What happens if you do not have my medication in stock?

Our primary wholesaler is located in Spartanburg, SC, so we receive daily shipments. This makes it easy to special order both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

How do I transfer my prescriptions to your pharmacy?

It's simple. Just give us a call or visit us at the store. We will create a profile for you and call the pharmacy where your prescriptions are currently located. It is also helpful to let your primary care provider know that you have switched.

Do you compound medications?

Yes and no. We offer simple compounding which typically consists of varying formulations of Magic Mouthwash and liquids/suspensions for pets. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to do hormonal compounding.

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